Save-a-Pet 2019

In support of the 67 minutes tribute to Nelson Mandela for the Mandela Day Challenge Save-a-Pet set a target to collect 6700 tins of pet food.

We advised our parents that we would like to support this initiative with their help and asked that they please send a tin of pet food to school for them.

The response was wonderful and we were able to donate a total of 107 tins of food together with packs of dry food to Save-a-Pet.

Alpha Step ECD Centre would like to extend our sincere thanks to staff, parents and pupils for the wonderful support for this very worthwhile cause.

Letter of thanks from Save-a-Pet. We are so proud of each and everyone who contributed.
A donation of food that we are truly proud of!

After Care/Homework Centre – Applications open




We provide after care for children who attend schools in the area. All children up to Grade 3 are welcome to attend on a casual or full time basis. We provide lunch, mid-afternoon snack and supervised homework – followed by fun activities until collected.

Children can be enrolled to include or exclude holiday club.

Parents need to arrange transport from the respective school to the centre.

For more information please contact the office via our contact section: Contact Alpha Step

Download and print: Application Form for After Care

Alpha Step ECD Centre, Walmer.

Let the children play – Limit screen time!


It is vitally important for the overall development of a young child that they spend time playing….Really playing.
Climbing trees, running, jumping and generally being active.
Attached is a very informative article that has been written by an Occupational Therapist, Carla Grobler,
Why should we limit out children’s screen time“?

Alphastep Holiday Club

Alpha Step ECD Centre Holiday Club

Education Plan – Invest in your child’s future

Plan for your childs future. Consult a financial Advisor to enquire about investments to help you plan and save for your childs future.

If you plan now you will be able to assist your child and ensure that they have the bright future that they deserve.

It is a proven fact that university graduates have greater prospects in the job market than those without a tertiary education.

“Education is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”

Alpha Step Educare, 253 Main Road, Walmer

Alpha Step ECD Centre, 253 Main Road, Walmer

Tots & Toddlers

Alpha Step Tots & Toddlers

We cater for little one from 12 to 36 months in our tots and toddlers section. We are very privileged to have 3 wonderful staff who take care of their every need from changing nappies through to potty training. Feeding and helping them to feed themselves. It is such a rewarding age group to work with.

There are four important processes in the first three years.

There are four processes which clearly undergo major once-in-a-lifetime development in those first three years and are very sensitive to differential experiences.

The first is language, which is really an absolutely amazing process. Language begins to emerge between six and eight months of age. A child of a year of age perhaps understands 10 to 12 words. Three year olds can understand between 1200-1300 words. Experiences a child undergoes which, more often than not, are shaped by the parents, make a huge difference in how much language a child acquires by age three. Language is the single most common problem when children are not ready for school.

Second, the emergence of intellectual ability at age 22 or 23 months of age is also of significant importance. It is subject to experiential input in a major way.

Third is the capacity for trusting other people and falling in love with other people. This is another way of talking about the emotional stakes of the first three years. This is the reason why socialisation – the ability to interact with others, learning to share and to take turns – is of vital importance.

Finally, there is simple curiosity, which doesn’t receive much attention but is very important. Every healthy baby shows enormous quantities of curiosity from the first three or four weeks, but its development depends a great deal on the kinds of experiences the infant has.

If you don’t do a good job with a child in the first three years, can you turn them around subsequently? Remediation is difficult, if not impossible. We just haven’t learned how to take a slow three year old and turn him/her around. That is why prevention and optimization are so important.

The benefits of doing the job well are substantial. Few things in life are more rewarding than having a really good experience with children in the first three years. There is lasting impact when you have a three year old who enjoys life, enjoys people, and is fun to be with.

Entrust the development of your toddler to us!

Enrolment is just a click away! Enrol today at Alpha Step ECD Centre.

For day care that fosters the development of a new generation.

Foundation Phase CAPS : Home Language (Grade R-3)

Foundation Phase CAPS: Home Language – GRADE R (An overview cont.)

In our post today we cover the topic of:


 Emergent Reading Skills

Recognises and points out common objects in pictures

  •  Arranges a set of pictures in such a way that they form a story
  •  Interprets pictures (e.g. makes up own story and ‘reads’ the pictures)
  •  Acts out parts of a story, song or rhyme
  •  Holds the book the right way up and turns pages correctly
  •  Pretends to read and adopts a ‘reading’ voice
  •  Recognises own name and names of some other children in the class
  •  Begins to ‘read’ high frequency words seen in the classroom and at school(e.g. door, cupboard)

Shared Reading as a class with teacher

  •  ‘Reads’ enlarged texts such as poems, Big Books, posters
  •  Makes links to own experience when reading with the teacher
  •  Describes characters in stories and gives opinions
  •  Predicts what will happen in a story through the pictures
  •  Answers questions based on the story read
  •  Draws pictures capturing main idea of the stories

Independent Reading

• Reads picture books

Alpha Step ECD, there for you and your child.

Alpha Step ECD Centre, where your child comes first and is the FIRST Step in your childs academic future.

Contact the office on 041 581 2395 – 253a Main Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth.

Pre-school for children from 2 years to Grade R/After school care up to Grade 3 and Holiday Club.

School-readiness assessments

I had a call from a parent regarding their child undergoing a school readiness test.

My advice to parents is to consult a suitably qualified professional. They are specially trained to perform the necessary assessment of your child.

School-readiness Assessments

    School-readiness assessments are a subset of psycho-educational assessments and are usually recommended for children in the last term of their Grade R year.

What is meant by “school-ready”?

Parents are often confused by the term school-ready. They might be told that their child is not school-ready, while the Schools Act stipulates that all children must start school (Grade 1) in the year that they turn 7. So how is it that a child may be considered not ready for school while they are at the right age to start school as stipulated by the act?

Put very simply, a child is considered school ready when deemed to be able to cope with the formal demands of schooling.  These demands are not only intellectual but also emotional, perceptual and conceptual. Children are deemed to be intellectually school-ready if they score a mental age of 6 years 3 months on standardised school readiness assessments.

This excerpt has been taken from the following website, Educational Psychologists in South Africa which contains a lot of very useful information for


The process and what is tested is clearly outlined for parents.

Alpha Step ECD, there for you and your child.

Pre-school for children from 2 years to Grade R/After school care up to Grade 3 and Holiday Club.

Alpha Step ECD Centre (Private) Walmer, Port Elizabeth.

Alphastep ECD Centre

Alphastep Educare meets and exceeds all the pre-school child’s development needs; physical, social, emotional and cognitive.

Alpha Step  ECD Centre

Alpha Step ECD Centre

  • English medium pre-school
  • Developmental  programmes in place as per the current guidelines for 2 to 6 year olds
  • Grade 000/Grade RR/Grade R – State of the art current revised curriculum (the curriculum has been adapted in such a way to ensure that even the youngest benefit from a structured educational environment and the correct stimulation for the respective age group.)
  • After school care offered up to Grade 3 (includes lunch and supervised homework)
  • Experienced and qualified teachers/ Child Caregivers
  • Nutritious meals and snacks are provided NOTE If your child has a food allergy or intolerance to certain foods then you will need to provide their meals as we do NOT cater for specific dietary requirements. Meals provided will need to meet our ‘no junk food’ policy.
  • Hours: From 06h45 to 17h30
  • FREE Computer based training for pre-schoolers – INCLUDED IN DAILY PROGRAMME for children in Grade RR and Grade R
  • Various private extra mural activities – Dance Mouse /Soccercise Starz
  • Parents arrange transport. We do not provide or arrange transport for children.