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We cater for little one from 12 to 36 months in our tots and toddlers section. We are very privileged to have 3 wonderful staff who take care of their every need from changing nappies through to potty training. Feeding and helping them to feed themselves. It is such a rewarding age group to work with.

There are four important processes in the first three years.

There are four processes which clearly undergo major once-in-a-lifetime development in those first three years and are very sensitive to differential experiences.

The first is language, which is really an absolutely amazing process. Language begins to emerge between six and eight months of age. A child of a year of age perhaps understands 10 to 12 words. Three year olds can understand between 1200-1300 words. Experiences a child undergoes which, more often than not, are shaped by the parents, make a huge difference in how much language a child acquires by age three. Language is the single most common problem when children are not ready for school.

Second, the emergence of intellectual ability at age 22 or 23 months of age is also of significant importance. It is subject to experiential input in a major way.

Third is the capacity for trusting other people and falling in love with other people. This is another way of talking about the emotional stakes of the first three years. This is the reason why socialisation – the ability to interact with others, learning to share and to take turns – is of vital importance.

Finally, there is simple curiosity, which doesn’t receive much attention but is very important. Every healthy baby shows enormous quantities of curiosity from the first three or four weeks, but its development depends a great deal on the kinds of experiences the infant has.

If you don’t do a good job with a child in the first three years, can you turn them around subsequently? Remediation is difficult, if not impossible. We just haven’t learned how to take a slow three year old and turn him/her around. That is why prevention and optimization are so important.

The benefits of doing the job well are substantial. Few things in life are more rewarding than having a really good experience with children in the first three years. There is lasting impact when you have a three year old who enjoys life, enjoys people, and is fun to be with.

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