SWIMMING LESSONS – Make sure that your child is ‘water safe’.

With summer fast approaching numerous parents have raised the matter of swimming and swimming lessons for their children. It is essential that children are ‘water safe’ to ensure peace of mind. Of equal importance however is that you ensure that the person or place that you enrol your child in for swimming lessons is accredited and registered.
Swim schools must be accredited – please take note of the following before enrolling your child for swimming lessons!
It is vitally important for parents to check out the accreditation of the swim school before enrolling their children.
“When you register your child for swimming lessons do you make certain that the swim school is registered? Just like when you enrol your child to start grade one, you make sure that the school is registered with the Department of Education. Same thinking.

It is your responsibility as a parent to make sure that the swim school of your choice is registered with Swimming South Africa.”
An accredited swim school will clearly display the certificate of accreditation which will have the physical address of the school or a plague with details of the school.

“Swimming instructors must be registered with their Provincial body and Swimming South Africa.”

Every province will have a list of registered swim schools and registered instructors that are recognised by the federation.
Visit www.swimsa.org for further information and news regarding Swimming South Africa.
“The public should be made aware of the dangers of having their children learn to swim from unqualified and unregistered teachers at swim schools. The general public have no idea how dangerous working with children in the water can be, especially toddlers.

A registered Learn to Swim teacher will offer a SAPS certified statement of no criminal record, a certificate in the necessary first aid and life saving skills and that the swimming school is in good relationship with the provincial governing body.”
Swimming South Africa is the governing body of aquatics in South Africa. Its objective is to encourage the practice of aquatic disciplines for all in South Africa with the purpose of promoting swimming as a life skill through the Learn To Swim programmes. These programmes provide healthy exercise to South Africans of all ages and races by recruiting recreational swimmers to compete in the various competitions and promoting athlete development to the highest level.