School-readiness assessments

I had a call from a parent regarding their child undergoing a school readiness test.

My advice to parents is to consult a suitably qualified professional. They are specially trained to perform the necessary assessment of your child.

School-readiness Assessments

    School-readiness assessments are a subset of psycho-educational assessments and are usually recommended for children in the last term of their Grade R year.

What is meant by “school-ready”?

Parents are often confused by the term school-ready. They might be told that their child is not school-ready, while the Schools Act stipulates that all children must start school (Grade 1) in the year that they turn 7. So how is it that a child may be considered not ready for school while they are at the right age to start school as stipulated by the act?

Put very simply, a child is considered school ready when deemed to be able to cope with the formal demands of schooling.  These demands are not only intellectual but also emotional, perceptual and conceptual. Children are deemed to be intellectually school-ready if they score a mental age of 6 years 3 months on standardised school readiness assessments.

This excerpt has been taken from the following website, Educational Psychologists in South Africa which contains a lot of very useful information for


The process and what is tested is clearly outlined for parents.

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