Meet Alphastep’s Lynn Futter

Alpha Step ECD Centre

Alpha Step ECD Centre

Passionate about working with children. Sadly some time back I had to sell my previous pre-school when we moved back to Port Elizabeth.  I was ecstatic to be “coming home”, but so sad to leave my school “Stepping Stones” behind.

I established a guest house, because I enjoy meeting and interacting with people, and what better way to promote our beautiful city than to be entertaining guests from various places in our country as well as visitors from abroad.

Something was missing however and I awoke one morning with a brilliant light bulb moment….I miss the children……so get the children back into my life.

The heart has taken over and I am following my passion for teaching and working with children – AND SO ALPHA STEP WAS BORN.

I look forward to meeting many new people and making new friends – but most of all to spend my days surrounded by childen.