Foundation Phase CAPS: Home Language (Grade R-3)

Foundation Phase CAPS: Home Language – GRADE R (An overview)

In the Foundation Phase, the skills in the Home Language CAPS curriculum are:

• Listening and speaking

•Reading and phonics

• Writing and handwriting Integrated into all the above language skills are: Thinking and Reasoning and Language Structure and Use.


• Listens to stories and acts these out

• Listens and responds to simple questions

• Listens to and repeats rhythmic patterns, and copies correctly

• Listens to and recalls simple word sequences in order (e.g. big, beg, bag)

• Names and points to parts of the body

• Sings simple songs and does action rhymes

• Talks about pictures in posters, theme charts, books etc.

• Matches and sorts things according to shape, colour etc

• Participates in discussions and asks questions

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