Save-a-Pet 2019

In support of the 67 minutes tribute to Nelson Mandela for the Mandela Day Challenge Save-a-Pet set a target to collect 6700 tins of pet food.

We advised our parents that we would like to support this initiative with their help and asked that they please send a tin of pet food to school for them.

The response was wonderful and we were able to donate a total of 107 tins of food together with packs of dry food to Save-a-Pet.

Alpha Step ECD Centre would like to extend our sincere thanks to staff, parents and pupils for the wonderful support for this very worthwhile cause.

Letter of thanks from Save-a-Pet. We are so proud of each and everyone who contributed.
A donation of food that we are truly proud of!

Let the children play – Limit screen time!


It is vitally important for the overall development of a young child that they spend time playing….Really playing.
Climbing trees, running, jumping and generally being active.
Attached is a very informative article that has been written by an Occupational Therapist, Carla Grobler,
Why should we limit out children’s screen time“?

Alphastep Holiday Club

Alpha Step ECD Centre Holiday Club