Private Extra Mural Activities

Parents enter into an agreement with the relevant service provider

 Soccercise Starz

For boys and girls 3 – 8 years old:

They will be taught:-

  • Eye co-ordination
  • Kicking a soccer ball
  • Turning with a ball
  • Passing and shooting
  • Heading
  • Throwing a ball
  • Trapping the ball
  • Movement – running forward/backward, sideways and jumping.

These will assist in the development of body awareness and control, visual perceptions, motor skills and spatial awareness.

Weekly sessions of 30 minutes, held at the school on the same day and time throughout the year. Lessons will not be refunded or made up if a child is absent or due to bad weather.


Starting in pre schools from Grade 000 (3 years of age).

Warm up includes: Ballet and Modern Techniques, Body Conditioning, Pilates Basics, Silk Training and Proprioception Skills.

DANCE FORMS: Hip Hop • Freestyle • Hip-Tap • Rock ‘n Roll • Latin American • Breakdancin’ • Gymnastics •

Cheerleading Basics.

“Strength, Stretch and Core Training is our passion!”

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Suitable for boys and girls ages 1 – 8

Through Monkeynastix, children are encouraged to explore and discover the world through their senses and their bodies with their fun and exciting movement education programme – Endorsed by therapists, supported by teachers and loved by kids

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There are many private extra mural activities available for pre-schoolers however for any one of them a minimum number of participants is required.